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Indianapolis Has Options When It Comes To Floor Shield's Floor Coating Systems

Here at Waugh Painting & Coatings exclusive dealer for Floor Shield Indianapolis, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive line of floor coating systems that include a variety of different colors and textures. As the premier Indianapolis concrete coatings experts serving the area, we take great care in providing quality services backed by experience and expertise. Whether you're building a new home, remodeling your kitchen, refinishing your floors, or refurbishing your offices, we have the right floor coating system to meet your needs and expectations. Are you in the market for a reliable and resilient floor coating system for your Indianapolis property? If so, please give us a call today. Our team of floor coating system specialists is standing by and ready to help. Our floor coating systems are designed to protect and beautify your floors for years to come, and we have the solutions to meet any project requirement.

Flake System

The Floor Shield Flake System is a water-resistant, decorative concrete topping that can be applied to any concrete surface, providing protection from damage and decoration. This product is suitable for any location that needs a durable, high-quality surface.

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Quartz System

The Quartz System is made of durable quartz, with a honeycomb design that accelerates its ability to resist the wear and tear of foot traffic. The system is also specifically designed to combat the elements, so it can be used in any type of weather without being damaged or compromised.

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Solid Color System

Our high-quality solid color system is a revolutionary coating that resists dirt and stains and provides a soft, smooth surface. It can be customized with different colors and materials to create an Indianapolis concrete coatings flooring system that fits your specific space, style, and budget.

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Clear System

Our clear system is an innovative, invisible solution to slippery floors that provides a sturdy means of protection. It can be used for new construction or existing concrete or tiled floors.

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Color Charts & Samples

View our color charts and samples to find the perfect color for your flooring. We have a wide range of colors available, to find the perfect match for your project.

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