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Polished Concrete Flooring For Homes In Indianapolis

Polished concrete flooring

Indianapolis knows it can trust Waugh Painting & Coatings for high-quality concrete coatings, but we can also serve the area with polished concrete flooring for your home. You can find concrete floors on just about any residential property for good reason. Concrete is a reliable surface that is tough enough to endure the elements outside as well as indoor foot traffic and more. But despite its strength, bare concrete isn't indestructible, nor is it very attractive. That's where Waugh Painting & Coatings comes in with our polished concrete flooring. Our crew of specialists knows exactly how to use our industry-grade machines and tools to grind down your rough concrete floors into a beautifully smooth, bright surface that offers not only higher curb appeal but increased safety and value for your home.

Call Waugh Painting & Coatings in Indianapolis when you're looking for a way to renew and strengthen your concrete floors while giving your home a fresh new look. We're the concrete coatings specialist that you can rely on to give you the highest quality products and floors you'll love to look at.

Concrete Polishing Process

When you call on our team to get polished concrete flooring for your home, you're choosing to work with a true professional here in Indianapolis that is excited to give you the beautiful, vibrant floors you want most! We have a time-tested process that we stick to that enables us to provide homeowners with perfectly polished concrete every single time. That process involves several steps:

First, we prep the concrete by clearing it of any large debris like dirt, rocks, and more. Then, we use an industrial-grade grinder to cut through the surface of the floor and expose the unfinished concrete beneath. We'll also apply joint filler and grout small cracks and holes where needed. Next, we use a lighter grinder over and over again to hone your concrete and give it that brighter, more finished look. Lastly, we polish the floor with bonded abrasives and hardeners to make it resistant to all kinds of dirt and stains. We can also use high-quality products to give your concrete a more personalized look with more or less shine.

If you've got any questions about our polished concrete flooring services and the steps we take to get you the most beautiful floors in Indianapolis, be sure to reach out to Waugh Painting & Coatings. We can tell you even more about our polishing process.

Cheaper & More Sustainable Than Bare Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is quickly becoming the norm in both commercial and residential spaces due to its cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Not only does the process of polishing these surfaces make them more beautiful, but it also makes your home a greener, more sustainable space. The eco-friendly benefits of polished concrete flooring include:

  • Uses your original floors– no excess materials
  • No toxic coatings, toppings, or adhesives
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Low VOC content
  • No need for harsh cleaning chemicals

Polished concrete would look great in a variety of residential areas, including on your garage floors!